1. Young Dreamer: Aswin is a kid who loves stars, planets, and all things space.

2. Telescope Time: He uses a special tool called a telescope to peek at stars from Earth.

3. Space School: Aswin goes to school to learn about space and science.

4. Asteroid Discovery: Guess what? Aswin discovered a teeny-weeny asteroid while looking up!

5. Naming Magic: Scientists liked his discovery, so they named the asteroid "AswinSekhar." Imagine having a space thing named after you – super awesome!

6. Happy Dance: Aswin did a happy dance – who wouldn't?

7. Super Star: Now, his name shines not only in his school but also in the sky!

8. Inspiration Galore:Kids all around got inspired by Aswin's space journey.

9. Keep Dreaming: Aswin says, "Dream big and reach for the stars!"

10. To Infinity: With Aswin's story, we learn that even kids can do amazing things and touch the stars!