1. Who's Ammon Bundy? : He's a person in the news, kinda like a celebrity but not the movie kind.

2. Why was he arrested? : He got in trouble for something called "contempt." It's like not following the rules.

3. Where did this happen? : In a place called Ada County. That's like a part of a big puzzle called Idaho.

4. What's the big deal? : Well, when someone disobeys a judge, it's not cool. That's why he got arrested.

5. The history bit : Ammon Bundy is no stranger to headlines. He's been in news stories before.

6. Protests and stuff : He's known for being part of big group protests. But this time, it's different.

7. How did it happen? : The police probably had to go find him and say, "Hey, you need to come with us."

8. What's next? : Now there will be a legal dance in the court. Lawyers and judges will figure it out.

9. Why is it on the news? : When famous-ish people get into trouble, people like us want to know what's up!

10. What can we learn? : Following rules and respecting judges is important. Breaking the law leads to trouble.