1. **Super Sports Day:** Play soccer, run races, and have a blast at the park.

2. **Artsy Adventures:** Get creative with colorful crafts and artsy activities.

3. **Nature Scavenger Hunt:**  Explore outdoors, find treasures, and win cool prizes.

4. **Yummy Bake-Off:**  Bake cookies, cupcakes, and show off your baking skills.

5. **Movie Magic Under Stars:**  Watch movies outside with comfy blankets and snacks.

6. **Science Spectacular:** Learn cool science stuff with hands-on experiments.

7. **Farm Frolic:**  Meet farm animals, pet them, and enjoy tractor rides.

8. **Groovy Dance Party:** Move and groove to music – it's dancing time!

9. **Storytime Picnic:** Listen to captivating stories while munching on goodies.

10. **Cool Craft Fair:**  Check out local crafts, arts, and maybe find something special!