"Once upon a time, there was a wrestler named Dwayne Johnson. People called him The Rock."

. "The Rock became a famous wrestler, but he dreamed of being a movie star too!" 

"Lights, camera, action! The Rock's first movie was 'The Mummy Returns.' He played a scary Scorpion King!"  

"The Rock didn't stop there. He made action movies, comedies, and even became a hero in 'Jumanji.'"  

"Big muscles and a big heart! The Rock inspired everyone with his hard work and kindness."  

. "He fought giant animals in 'Rampage' and raced in 'Fast & Furious.' So cool!" 

"The Rock's movies made people laugh, cry, and cheer. He became a hero on and off-screen." 

. "Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? He made yummy TV shows too!"

"People loved The Rock so much that he became the highest-paid actor in Hollywood!" 

"And they all lived happily ever after, enjoying The Rock's awesome movies forever!"