1.Hera Flies Fearlessly: Hera Syndulla is a super brave pilot in the Star Wars universe. She's not scared of anything!

2. Leader of the Cool Crew: She's the leader of a really awesome team called the Ghost crew. They work together to fight bad guys and do amazing things.

3. Fighting the Bad Guys: Hera and her crew are like heroes. They fight against the bad guys, especially the Empire, which is a mean group ruling the galaxy.

4. Twi'lek with Style: Hera is an alien called a Twi'lek. She looks extra cool with those head-tails (they're called lekku) on her head!

5. Her Special Ship: Hera's ship is named Ghost. It's not a real ghost, but it's just as cool. They use it for their adventures and missions.

6. Friends with Jedi Kanan: She's friends with a Jedi named Kanan. Jedi are like space wizards with special powers. They make a great team!

7. Standing Against the Empire: Hera and her crew don't like how the Empire treats people. They stand up against them to make the galaxy a better place.

8. Caring Captain: Hera really cares about her crew. She's like a big sister to them and makes sure they're safe and happy.

9. Awesome Pilot Skills: She's an expert at flying ships. She does incredible moves and tricks that make everyone go "wow!"

10. Galactic Rockstar: Hera Syndulla is a true star of the Star Wars galaxy. Her courage and leadership inspire everyone around her!