1. **Dual Regulation:** Bottled water falls under FDA and EPA regulations, but stringency varies.

2. **Hidden BPA:**Some bottles contain BPA, potentially harmful chemicals that may leach.

3. **Microplastic Worries:** Microplastics are found in bottled water, raising health questions.

4. **Tap Water Triumph:** Tap water can match or exceed bottled water safety.

5. **Opaque Origins:** Bottled water brands often keep water sources undisclosed.

6. **Pricy H2O:**Bottled water costs hundreds of times more than tap water.

7. **Eco Concerns:** Plastic bottle production harms the environment.

8. **Less Testing:** Bottled water faces fewer tests than tap water.

9. **Fluoride Flip:** Some bottled water lacks essential fluoride.

10. **Filtered Solutions:** Home filtration reduces reliance on bottled water.