1. Coughing Craziness: If you can't stop coughing, your lungs might be unhappy. It's like they're trying to get rid of something yucky.

2. Breathless Adventures: Feeling tired when you run? Lungs could be having a hard time. They need air to give you energy.

3. Nasty Germs: Sneaky germs can make lungs sick. They spread from person to person, so cover your mouth when you sneeze!

4. Stay Away, Bad Smoke: Smoke from things like cigarettes is super bad for lungs. It makes them sad and can cause big problems.

5. Fight the Spread: Wash your hands a lot. Germs can stick to them, and if you touch your face, they might go into your body.

6. Healthy Air, Happy Lungs: Good air is like a lung superhero. Stay in places with clean air and lots of trees.

7. Stay Active: Lungs love when you run and play. It makes them strong and ready to tackle any trouble.

8. Be Kind to Lungs: Don't smoke or be around people who do. Lungs like fresh air, not smoky air.

9. Listen to Doctors: If your lungs feel funny, tell a grown-up. Doctors can help them feel better.

10. Super Lungs Tips: Wash hands, avoid smoke, run around, and eat healthy. Your lungs will say, "Thank you!"