1.Big Towers Built!:Once upon a time, really tall towers were built in New York City. They were called the Twin Towers because they looked exactly the same!

2.Twin Towers in NYC:These towers were in a big and busy city called New York City. People loved them because they were super tall!

3.Planes Hit! Oh No!:One sad day, some airplanes crashed into the towers. It was so scary and made everyone sad.

4.Fire, Smoke, Scary!:The crash made big fires and lots of smoke. People had to run away to be safe.

5.Towers Fall Down. Boom!: After a while, the towers couldn't stand anymore, and they fell down with a big boom! It was a big, big crash.

6.Brave People Help: Many brave people tried to help others that day. They were heroes!

7.Remember 9/11:This sad day was called 9/11, and we remember it every year to honor the people who were hurt or lost.

8.New Tower Rises!:Even though the towers were gone, people decided to build a new tower to show that they were strong and brave.

9.Freedom Tower Tall!: The new tower was really tall, and it was called the Freedom Tower. It stood as a symbol of hope and freedom.

10.Never Forget Heroes!: We should never forget the heroes of 9/11 who helped and the Twin Towers that once stood so tall in the New York City skyline.