1. Big Spider Alert!  A HUGE spider with long legs and a Brazilian passport decided to visit a supermarket.

2. Name Game  It's called a Brazilian wandering spider. Fancy name, huh?

3. Supermarket Shivers  People saw the spider hanging out near the bananas. Talk about a bizarre shopping buddy!

4. Spider Moves  This spider doesn't spin a regular web. It prefers to roam around – a real wanderer.

5. Danger, Danger!  Guess what? This spider's bite can be super dangerous. Yikes!

6. Spider Catchers  Experts came to catch the sneaky spider and keep everyone safe.

7. Spooky Stories  People chatted about the spider. Spooky tales spread faster than peanut butter on bread!

8. Closed for Now  The supermarket had to close while spider experts did their thing.

9. Bye-Bye Spider  Spider was caught and taken away. Supermarket opened again. Phew!

10. Happy Ending  All's well that ends well. Supermarket's safe, spider's safe, and people have a wild story to tell!