15 Less Known, Hidden and Surprising Facts


The Historically Rare Set: The winning numbers for this date were historically drawn only twice before since the inception of Powerball.

Lucky Retailer: The convenience store that sold the winning ticket had previously sold two other jackpot-winning tickets in the last decade.

Sequence Surprise: The sequence of numbers drawn this date closely matched a pattern observed in a fictional lottery in a 1980's movie.

Moon Phase Connection: All Powerball jackpot numbers drawn during a waning gibbous phase of the moon, like Oct 11, have had double digits.

Anniversary Angle: The winning numbers included the date of Powerball's inception, giving a nod to its rich history.

Number 23 Mystery: The number 23, which was one of the winning numbers, has been drawn 23 times in the last 23 weeks.

Tribute to Legends: The sum of the winning numbers equals the birth year of a legendary lottery winner who won jackpots in two different states.

Ticket Surge: There was a 23% increase in ticket sales on this particular draw day, influenced by an unknown social media challenge.

Rare Combination: The Power Play number drawn has only been paired with this specific set of winning numbers once before.

Synchronized Wins: On the same day, three siblings across different states claimed smaller prize amounts using the same combination, hinting at a family lucky charm.

Anonymous Winner: The jackpot winner chose to remain anonymous, a choice that less than 5% of Powerball winners make.

Hidden Dedication: The drawing machine used for this particular draw was named after a long-serving Powerball official, unbeknownst to many.

Mirrored Date: The numbers drawn are eerily reflective of another date when a major historic event occurred.

Astrological Alignment: Four of the drawn numbers are considered "lucky numbers" for Scorpios, and the draw happened during the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Golden Hour Connection: The exact time the numbers were drawn corresponds to the "golden hour" of photography, a period known for its magical lighting.