Secret Rehearsal: Guns N' Roses held an undisclosed rehearsal, fine-tuning songs they hadn't performed live in ages.

Backstage Ritual: The Black Keys' unique synchronized handshake is a pre-show must, even for their Hollywood Bowl gig.

Lyric Nods: Axl subtly tweaked song lyrics at the concert, hinting at past band members.

Rare Performance: The Black Keys played a song live for the first time in a decade during this concert.

Easter Egg Guitar: Slash's guitar boasted a covert design nod to their debut album.

Incognito Guest: A former Guns N' Roses member was secretly among the audience.

Auerbach's Luck: Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys scribbled next song lyrics on his setlist for good luck.

Fan-Made Gear: Axl's boots for the show were custom-designed by a contest-winning fan.

Dedicated Traveler: A fan from New Zealand had attended over 50 GNR concerts globally.

Unplanned Encore: The Black Keys' encore was impromptu, added due to the overwhelming audience response.