1. Ingredients and Process: Whisky: Distilled from grain mash, aged in casks. Beer: Made from barley, hops, yeast, water, brewed.

2. Alcohol Content: Whisky: Higher, 40-60% ABV. Beer: Lower, 4-12% ABV.

3. Production Time: Whisky: Aged for years. Beer: Brewed in weeks.

4. Serving Style: Whisky: Small pours (1-2 oz). Beer: Larger glasses/bottles.

5. Taste Profile: Whisky: Concentrated, varied notes.Beer: Varies by style, lighter to robust.

6. Drinking Experience: Whisky: Slow sipping. Beer:Often quicker, with meals.

7. Glassware: Whisky: Special glasses for aroma. Beer:Various shapes for styles.

8. Cultural Significance: Whisky: Tied to history, Prohibition. Beer: Widespread, casual culture.

9. Variety and Styles: Whisky: Types like bourbon, scotch. Beer: Lagers, ales, stouts, IPAs, etc.

10. Social Context: Whisky: Formal, quiet settings.Beer: Social gatherings, sports, outings.